October 2017

Grandparents Day at Joey’s school.  He was so lucky have have 4 grandparents & 1 great grandparent able to attend!








Joey made a Tzedakah box and learned all about the meaning of giving to those less fortunate.  Since that time, he’s been soliciting donations from his family members in the hopes of donating a full box to the Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation.  He even asked the valet at Bubbie & Zayde’s condo!!








We got last minute tickets to the Cubs play off game so I pulled Joey out of school and took him on a special date!








He had an absolute blast














Hey neighbor!







Halloween 2017 – Downtown HP Event



















Happy Halloween from our Power Rangers!






Enjoying the lake this Fall














Our new kitchen is slowly coming together!

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August & September 2017

The kids ate their way through the carnival!






























The kids’ school visited Grandma’s Nursing home and did a Rosh Hashana performance.  What a special treat!













Dancing queen.

Lakehouse with the Savitt’s & Bohrer’s

Greg teaching Boo to fish….








Checking out the new staircase








Someone dropped this off at our new house (and we still have no idea who).  The kids are loving it!







Putting on a show at Nanny & Poppy’s house

All dressed up for the Jewish holidays














So proud to show off his new room

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Beginnings at new schools…

Joey taking the bus on the first day of school








Mid-day update was positive!




















Benji exploring the new outdoor play space






















Posing by Benji’s locker








First day was a success!

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Silverman Wedding

Anxiously awaiting the plane to arrive.







Kasia joined us which made the “trip” a “vacation.”







Adventure in Vail










Going up the Gondola






Family shot on top of the mountain








At the top of the mountain, there was an amazing roller coaster that takes you through the mountain.  We all had a blast!














Big, strong, brave Boo








The boys











Welcome cocktails – the kids all got matching PJs that said, “meet us in the mountains”

















































Bubbie’s friends waking up Zeyde for the big day


























































The kids went home right after the ceremony so we could kick back!






Quick trip to the Vail ER for 10 stitches – he’s so tough!



































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July 2017

Bubbie & Zeyde found a new home and before they gutted it, the kids had a blast scootering around.

Dancing up a storm








Already loves to accessorize….we’re in trouble!















Happy Birthday Grandpa Morrie!

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Wax Family Vacation

Playing on the playground as we waited for breakfast to be ready….






















Benji put too much soap into the bath and they had quite the time.  Goldie HATED it!































Benji soaking Poppy






Poppy getting his revenge!








Time for Ice Cream!





















Group shot!
















Checking out the Race Track with Uncle Shelley





















































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4th of July Weekend






































































Family photo

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June 2017

Braving the lake….






















Checking out Lake Michigan








Hates the sand 🙂








The boys helping G out of bed

Dancing with Dad




























Zeyde Selfie







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Family Photos – 2017

We took  our annual family photos a few weeks ago.  They’re growing up too fast!

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April & May 2017

Field trip with Boo to the theater!







Hamilton with Ron & Bev….it was amazing!!








Ice Cream!







Celebrating Grandma Poo Poo’s birthday!  GG sharing her jewels with Grandpa Morrie












Joey’s 6th Bday

























































Day-of Celebrations


















Growing Butterflies

Field trip time with Joey!




































Petting zoo @ Randolph Street Market








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Checking out their new basement







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Spring Break 2017

We had another fantastic Spring Break trip to Scottsdale.  This year, Bubbie & Zeyde rented a house so we were able to spend some time with them too!

The kids were great on the plane.  They all had their iPads and stayed fairly entertained the entire ride.  We still wouldn’t consider a much longer flight quite yet – this was about their max!













Spending some time with Bubbie & Zeyde after being separated for a month!













Joey swimming (without floaties) at Bubbie & Zeyde’s pool

Water fight!











Swimming lessons















Impressed with her shadow






Enjoying S’Mores






DJ & Goldie bonding








Checking out the scenary








AZ Aquarium



























Coolest escalator ever!








Butterfly Museum
























Benji was so gentle with the butterflies!








Annual visit to the train park.























Waiting patiently (or not!)
















Ready for a walk…








Goldie swinging with Grandpa

AZ Zipline

Swinging another day…they had so much fun we came back for more!

Boys Racing – they loved it!






Goldie’s Ride

Zero Depth Pool!

Morning shnuggles







Dinner at “The Club”



























More swimming fun!




























Photo finish!














Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for another awesome vacation!

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February 2017

Picnic in the park in February!







Ice cream too!







Winter School Visits

She needs to work on sharing….

Sleepover at Nanny and Poppy’s…busy creating a TV set!








Disney on Ice with cousins and Zeyde














Trying on one of Bubbie’s purses








Preparing for the annual V-day balloon tradition…












Grandpa & Grandma came to town!















Goodbye breakfast with Bubbie before she left for Arizona

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Enjoying Spring

Bubbie & Goldie @ Shabbos








Ages 6-4-2








Celebrating Greg’s bday








Ice cream!







Visiting Benji @ School






Chaperoning Benji’s field trip







Celebrating Grandma Pearl’s 85th!







Loving the outdoors!















Testing out the big machines at our construction site








Hiding in the new Burnett basement



























Super boo!









Date night!

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March 2017

Staying warm in Bubbie’s coat.








Checking out her new bathtub!







Brush your teeth X3!




















On a walk with Aunt Michy!












Hide ans Seek!








Gigi is quite the performer.  Her favorite movie these days is “SING.”  She loves the attention she gets when she’s singing and dancing!

Morning Exercise!

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