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Memorial Day 2016

The weather couldnt have been better for the first lake house weekend of the summer!  The boys were anticipating the trip North all week and had a little countdown going.                     … Continue reading

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Happy 5th Birthday, Joey!

Joey decided on a Ninjago-themed party.  We had it at the same place he had it last year and he had a blast with all of his school friends and cousins!                   … Continue reading

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April 2016

Joey got glasses this month and is doing a fantastic job being responsible for remembering to wear them and keep track of them.                                   … Continue reading

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Sleepover at Aunt Cari’s

The boys had their very much anticipated sleepover at Aunt Cari’s.  They made sure to do all of the forbidden things: stayed up too late, got presents, drank juice and ate on the couch.             … Continue reading

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Goldie – 9 Months!

Best words to describe Goldie at 9 months: happy and thriving!  She loves to eat, finds her brothers hilarious and always on the hunt for a gate left open or LEGOS to eat. She got a great report from her … Continue reading

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School Update

Both boys continue to thrive at school.  Here are photos from the Winter Harvest at Joey’s school (Greg attended while I was in CT for a work trip).                         … Continue reading

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February 2016

Benji and Joey attended their first “symphony” with Nanny and Poppy.  Joey ended up going back a few weeks later with his school!                                     … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day 2016

The kids now have an expectation for V-Day and remember it as the “balloon holiday.”                         Greg was just excited as last year to participate in this tradition…at least … Continue reading

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School Updates

Benji and Joey are both thriving at their respective schools.  Benji will be joining Joey at his school next year.  We think he’s ready for a longer day and will really appreciate the Reggio Emilia approach they utilize. Joey’s been learning about the … Continue reading

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FUN Aunt Cari

The boys have been spending some quality time with Aunt Cari as of late and LOVE it!           She built them their very own Lego table.  It has 9 drawers with their Legos all sorted by … Continue reading

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January Roundup

January was filled with lots of time at home!

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Winter at the Lakehouse

After much begging and pleading, we took the kids to the bakehouse for the weekend.  It was good to have a little “getaway” during this long winter season!  They had a blast seeing the lake covered in snow! Playing on … Continue reading

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Home Depot

The boys are having a blast attending the monthly Home Depot workshops with Zeyde. They meet at the donut shop at 8:30AM for a well-rounded breakfast before the event. Each month, different guests have joined including: Noah, Grandpa, Billy, Abby, Alex … Continue reading

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Happy New Year (goodbye 2015!)

We celebrated New Years at home this year with fevers, coughs and colds X3.  We didn’t mind too much, as we’ve never really loved spending the holiday out on the town. We did have something to celebrate, though!  For the … Continue reading

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Go Hawks!

Zeyde gave us his Hawks tickets last week and we all had a blast!  The kids, once again, ate their way through the United Center.  Goldie was a rockstar…we were concerned she wouldn’t like how loud it was but she … Continue reading

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