Mom’s day out!

Joey and I spent the entire day together!  After a sleepless night (he’s coming down with a cold AND getting 3 teeth), we were up and out by 8AM to drive Greg to work.  We headed up north for the day for some retail therapy and time with Bubbie.  Our first stop was Idelwood Electric, where we were able to find new lights for both the kitchen and living room!















After our shopping success, we headed to Zeyde’s office for a surprise visit with Great-Grandpa Morrie.  Unfortunately, we just missed him. Regardless, Joey had a blast sitting at his desk and getting his fingerprints and snot all over everything!




















We headed to Neiman’s for lunch and Great Grandma Pearl joined us too!  We got a perfect corner booth (surrounded by mirror) which Joey spent the entire meal checking himself out in.






After lunch, we did some shopping and got some super-cute stuff that Joey absolutely didn’t need.  Despite my opinion, Joey vetoed this hat (and any hat I tried to put on him).








When Joey expressed that he was done sitting in his stroller and shopping, we headed to open-play at Gymboree.  He loved jumping on the trampoline (or having me bounce him while he hung on), but wasn’t quite comfortable climbing up and down the inclines.













Open Gym

After the mall, we stopped and picked up a whole bunch of board books for Joey.  We’ve been putting them in his bed at night so he’ll entertain himself in the morning and let us catch a few extra minutes of sleep!

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