Joseph Leonard Goodman

Joey arrived on Sunday, May 22nd at 7:55A.M. weighing 8lbs, 6oz and measuring 21 inches.  Life will never be the same 🙂  Greg and I have had the most amazing 6 days we’ve ever experienced in our lives.  When Joey sneezes, yawns, sleeps or screams his head off, we’re reminded how lucky we are to have such a wonderful, healthy little man in our lives.  

“Are we REALLY in labor?”  We got extremely lucky with our labor.  Although it lasted 16.5 hours, most of the time was pain-free.  I did get to experience “natural” labor for an hour when the epidural stopped working.  Let me tell you, that was an experience to last a lifetime (and hopefully never to be repeated).

Joey and Dad

Joey and Mom

Joey with his grandparents and great-grandma

Joey with 7 of his aunts and uncles!

Joey getting foot printed

The “Silverman” boys

Aunt Debrah

Could I be any cuter?

Joey and Great-Aunt Val

Joey and Bob Wigoda

Bringing home Baby!

Welcome home!

On our way for our first doctor’s visit!

Holding his own binkie and so well behaved at the doctor!

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