School’s out for summer!!

Joey and I have been having a blast this week!  He dropped his morning nap just in time for summer and now takes a killer 3-hour nap.

He’s becoming really independent.  His new favorite activity is going “grocery shopping” in the pantry and sampling everything he can get his hands on.  Here’s how I found him yesterday…








We joined EBC and have spent our mornings swimming in the baby pool.  Joey LOVES swimming!  He especially loves jumping off the side of the pool (really falling off of the ledge into my arms).  He must have done it 100 times today and giggled each time.








We’ve also been checking out the local parks.  He tried the “big boy” swing yesterday, as the baby swing was occupied.








Summer will really kick off next week when Joey starts “camp.”  In my opinion, it’s not really “camp,” as I will be going with him.

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