1 on 1 with Nanny

Joey was lucky enough to spend a lot of time with Nanny this weekend.  She took him to nursery school on Friday.  Although he had a hard time leaving the house (he was crying), he was happy once he got there!








On Satuday, Nanny took Joey to try out a gymnastics class.  He really liked it!  We may sign him up for the saturday class once G2 arrives so he can get some quality 1:1 time with us.

Stretching before class








While Joey was out, I went to a photography class so I could learn how to better use our fancy camera we got from The Cohen’s for our wedding.  I definitely learned a lot!  It had been a while since I was last in “class” taking notes.








On Sunday we met Nanny and Debrah for brunch.  Afterward, they joined us in checking out the new Buybuybaby off of North Ave.  Greg and I loaded up on everything we need for G2 (which is nothing compared to what we had to get for Joey).  It is GREAT having a buybuybaby in the city….no more road trips to Schaumburg! Best part?  They accepted all of my expired Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons!  I saved $150!

We did our best to keep Joey up on Sunday afternoon so he would adjust to the clock changing.  We visited Mariano’s before having Bubbie, Zeyde, Abby, Cari & Alex over for the Bears game.  When it was finally time for a nap, he refused to go down (crying for 30 minutes before I finally gave in).  I think he knew Bubbie was downstairs (and that the Bears game was on).






By bedtime, he was sneezing a whole bunch so we decided to give him a bath.  Once in the water (and already clean), he pooped everywhere!  After cleaning out the tub and a 2nd bath, it was time for bed!  He went down right away but woke up screaming about 30 minutes later.  He had puked all over his crib (and himself).  After a 3rd bath and changing his sheets, he finally went to bed.  He woke up this morning with a killer cough and stuffy nose (poor baby).

Maybe Little Pan will hold out another week so Joey is over his cold by the time she’s born?  She’s 2 days late as of today!

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