Happy 70th Birthday, Poppy!

Poppy turned 70 today.  We can’t believe it, as he looks and acts not a day over 50!  We had a great time celebrating tonight at their house.  Poppy insisted on cooking his famous fried chicken (it was EXCELLENT) and we all had a great time celebrating him!








Group shot






Joey dominating Poppy’s chicken (and cornbread)






They’re growing up so fast!






Gary, Tamar and Jordan joined us via FaceTime for presents/cake!






Wine cake

Making a big wish!






We were able to get a very special gift together for Poppy’s birthday this year.  All of the VIPs in his life were able to call in and record a special message to him.  Over 50 people called and left messages!  We know Poppy is going to have a great time listening to them in the coming days!








We wrote a poem:

We can’t believe you’re the big 7-0 / Where did all of this time go?

A great deal of time was spent drinking fine wine / Or eating at Morton’s, your favorite place to dine

Time was spent securing life insurance for each of us / Each Hannukah we look forward to this tradition, an absolute must!

With 10 different phone numbers, its amazing we’re able to keep in touch / Really?  These days, anything more than 1 number is a bit much

When we see the color purple, we know you’re not far away / We predict over the next 30 years, your sweater vests are here to stay?

You have your hands full with 4 grandkids, soon to be five thanks to us / It may be time to trade in your car and purchase a yellow bus

We can always count on you to have the latest and greatest technology / What will you bring home from China next?  We’ll have to wait and see!

We haven’t had to buy soap, towels or lotion for years / We have Hu-Friedy to thank for that…make sure to stock up before you switch gears

On a more serious note, you’re the most generous guy we know / Being able to return the favor one day is our ultimate goal

So happy 70th, we’re so glad we are with you to share / We’re looking forward to celebrating many more healthy years






Joey’s special birthday artwork








A new Tesla for a very deserving man!

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