Celebrating Hannukah with Family

We started the day off at the Waxes, celebrating with Greg’s side of the family.  Joey was overwhelmed with all of the gifts he received (and loved each and every one of them)!






High-fiving Ellis as a “thank you” for his awesome gift






Joey stole a loaf of challah off the table when we weren’t looking and chomped right into it, as if it was his own personal piece.  After carrying it around like a football and leaving crumbs throughout the living room, we traded him for a bagel (which he still enjoyed).






Lighting the candles with his cousins






Time for some chocolate!






Dreidel time with Nanny






Back at home, Joey loved playing with his new tow truck from Nanny & Poppy








After a quick nap, we headed to Bubbie and Zeyde’s for Hannukah.  Cammie & Blake got to meet Sophie for the first time!






Lighting candles with Bubbie and Cammie








Enjoying the view from above (as well as ANOTHER hannukah cookie)








Quality time with Great Bubbie GoGo

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