Thanksgiving Day/ Hanukah Day 2

We had a great Thanksgiving/Hanukah celebration this year up north with the Waxes and Goodmans…way better than last year’s carry out Whole Foods!!

Thanksgiving Breakfast!







Puzzle time!

Image 17

The boys are so helpful!

Image 19

Image 18

Joey and Benji love hanging with their older cousins.  Joey latched on to Brandon this time, and followed him around everywhere!







Brandon teaching Benji a little something about HanukahIMG_0015





Joey playing the piano with cousin Ali!

Time to eat!

IMG_0021 IMG_0023 IMG_0025















Thanks, Grandma, for capturing this family photo!


Annual “grab bag” (a collection of promo items Imy received throughout the year from programs/schools).  I’m dreading when our kids are old enough to participate and bring home a bunch of “stuff”!


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