Birthday Celebrations!

We had a great weekend celebrating Noah’s 1st birthday!  The festivities kicked off with a Shabbat birthday celebration.

Image 13

Joey had fun “napping” with Zeyde

Image 16








Image 14








The kids got way too must frosting on them so they ended up in the tub…

Image 15

and they weren’t thrilled about it.

Image 17

On Sunday, we had Brody’s 1st birthday in the morning.  Joey had a reunion with Sam, who he hadn’t seen in months!


The kids had a great time singing and dancing!




Joey’s now old enough to know that after “Happy Birthday” comes dessert.  He kept letting me know when he thought it was time to sing and was the first person to grab a cookie!


After a quick nap, we headed to Noah’s party.

IMG_0089 IMG_0116 IMG_0179 IMG_0200



















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