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Lucy Hannah makes her debut!

Lucy Hannah Bohrer arrived Friday morning!  She’s ABSOLUTELY gorgeous and so loved. Shes a tiny little peanut 6lbs 6oz and 19.5 inches.  Look at all of that beautiful black hair!               Aunt Michy visiting Lucy … Continue reading

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Jolly Giant

Joey had his 6 month exam yesterday.  Greg and I got in a bit of trouble for some of the foods we’ve given Joey (Mac ‘n Cheese and cereal puffs), but other than that he checked out GREAT!  He also … Continue reading

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No longer a toothless smile

Joey’s first tooth appeared this morning.  Greg and I went out this afternoon to grab some extra teethers, as we’re hoping for the best and expecting the worst.  Joey didn’t sleep well this weekend.  We thought it was because he … Continue reading

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Joey’s First Thanksgiving

We spent Joey’s first thanksgiving at the lake house.  What an awesome setting to celebrate.  Joey tried (and enjoyed) turkey with gravy.  He also had some sweet potatoes and squash.  Unfortunately, he had a hard time sleeping through in his … Continue reading

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November 21, 2011

Two years ago I married the best husband in the world…my perfect match!  We celebrated our anniversary on Saturday night at the same steakhouse Greg proposed three and a half years ago.  Nonny and Poppy babysat so we could enjoy the evening with … Continue reading

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Why did the chicken….?

Such a captive audience…

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Happy Anniversary, Bubbie and Zeyde!!

We (Michele) cooked Shabbat dinner for Bubbie and Zeyde’s anniversary this weekend.  She did a beautiful job with the table and the meal! Anxiously awaiting the Shabbat songs… Joey was tired before we sat down for dinner, but he hung … Continue reading

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Tickle Monster

Giggle Monster Gum Snap Ha Ha  

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Back in Action

Although Joey typically goes to bed with almost no coaxing, he’s been protesting when Daddy tries to get him to bed.  Finally, this week, Daddy’s back in action!  Joey’s also decided to sleep through the night again. We cut out his 3rd … Continue reading

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Happy 30th Vinnie :)

Happy Birthday, Uncle Vinnie!  We spent Friday and Saturday night celebrating and had a great time!  On Friday, Bubbie cooked a special shabbat dinner and had Vinnie’s parents over.  She made a nice spread, and even made a spaghetti and meatball cake … Continue reading

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Our Little Mozart

Alright, maybe not mozart, but he does like making noise…We checked out Wonder, the new baby store in Deerfield, with Nonny and Poppy.  They just returned from a 3-week Asia trip and were having Joey withdrawal. Playing Piano I keep giving Joey … Continue reading

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Another First!

Joey watched snowfall for the first time this afternoon.  Alyssa caught him gazing outside at the flakes… Food update:  Joey loves that he’s finally getting something more than milk.  It’s so nice to sit down for dinner as a family…So … Continue reading

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Up High

High Five! Yes, Zeyda, we’re working on the left hand too!

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Joey’s New Talent

Joey picked up this new habit last week.  He’s doing it more and more because Greg and I can’t stop laughing, which is only encouraging him to continue.  It’s extra-messy when he does it with applesauce or milk in his … Continue reading

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Cari F. Silverman, J.D.

We had to do something special for Cari’s Swearing In, as she was only allowed 4 tickets to the actual ceremony (and we travel in a herd).  Abby secured some top-notch judge, Judge Amy St. Eve, to perform the ceremony … Continue reading

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