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Arizona 2013

On Friday morning, we decided to skip nursery school and let the boys have a lazy morning while we got ourselves together to leave.           It was hilarious trying to get us ready/loaded in the car. … Continue reading

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Noah Charlie

I was shocked to receive the call from my mom that Michele’s water broke.  Greg, Joey, Benji and I had arrived in Arizona the night before to visit Grandma and Grandpa.  We specifically planned the trip 3 weeks before her … Continue reading

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We miss Daddy!!

Greg has been in San Fran the last few days! Joey has been asking about him lots! Every time the door opens he shouts “Daddy” and lights up :). Here’s a video of them rough housing before he headed out! … Continue reading

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2 Months Old!

Holy smokes, this was the quickest 2 months of my life!  Where has the time gone? I’m so glad we made it through last night- I HATE SHOTS (and, apparently, so does Benji, as he was up every hour last … Continue reading

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Benji’s 2 Month Checkup!

Benji had his 2 month appointment today!  The doctor was running behind so we did some tummy time while we waited.  Doesn’t it look like he’s working sooo hard?!           He also took a nap! He’s … Continue reading

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Happy 5-0 MJ!

For some reason MJ’s 50th really made me feel old.  I knew him during his “youth” and now he’s a 1/2 century old!  My brother was watching top 5o moments and found this video.  Check out my dad and Bob … Continue reading

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Our little Schluffer

Benji LOVES his sleep (except at 4AM, when he would rather chat with me)!  He has a 1.5 hour threshold where he can be awake.  Anything beyond that, he begins to fuss.  Fortunately, he has no problem passing right out, … Continue reading

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Latest Videos


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Siena Tavern Opening Night!

Last night we went to the Siena Tavern opening.  Nanny and Poppy stayed home with the boys and got some quality time in! The entire cast from Chicago Fire was there (they’re in the background of this shot)     … Continue reading

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8 weeks old and already earning a paycheck!

Benji had his first photo shoot yesterday.  We prepped by taking a bath and practicing his poses….   A quick diaper change and he was ready to go!               He was so well behaved, … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day 2013

We had fun celebrating all day today!  Joey checked out his bedroom door for a few minutes and learned the “heart” shape.               The morning began with a special visit from Bubbie, who made … Continue reading

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She knocks it out of the park, yet again!

Michele’s been hard at work getting Siena Tavern open before Baby Burnett’s arrival!  We finally had the big reveal last night and it did not disappoint! My personal favorites were the fill-your-own donut dessert (shocker) and the pizza; Greg was … Continue reading

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ABCs and 123s

We’ve been working on Joey’s numbers and letters the past few weeks.  He has “1, 2, 3, 4” down and can even do one-to-one correspondence.  He also loves trying to sing the Alphabet song.  Here he goes! ABC

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Our bald eagle flying high in the air….           Receding Hairline Between Hannukah, my shopping problem and Benji’s birth, a package arrives nearly every day.  When the doorbell rings, Joey announces “presents!”  Fortunately, he doesn’t care … Continue reading

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Weekend Review

Friday morning, Joey and I headed to class.  Bubbie stopped by for a bit on her way downtown.  Joey was thrilled to see her and cried hysterically when it was time to say “goodbye”. Friday afternoon, Abby and Alex came … Continue reading

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