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3rd Trimester

No one told me about all of the wonderful challenges I would face in the 3rd Trimester.  For example, it takes 2-3 attempts to pick up Pippin’s poop these days…I have to have make sure my legs are spread wide enough and … Continue reading

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Baby Goodman’s First Hora

We had the Burstein/Heyden wedding this weekend.  It was fun to see Abby and Cari as bridesmaids…they really do clean up nicely. Karyn and Hillary did an amazing job planning…Everything was absolutely perfect and we all had a great time!  Maybe a little … Continue reading

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Just another Silverman Shabbat

We had Shabbat dinner at my parents last night…The twins were missing because they had Hillary’s rehersal dinner.  We had a great dinner…Michele “babysat” for Baby Goodman (her words, not mine) and Lori, Michele and I got into a food … Continue reading

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Boys Rule in the Goodman Family

I realized today that in just a few weeks I’m going to be severely out numbered with the male:female ratio.  I’m so used to being surrounded by girls and I can’t believe I’m part of a “boys rule” family.  Here’s … Continue reading

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Baby Goodman is Baby Einstein

We had a doctor’s appointment this afternoon (32.5 weeks) and an ultrasound!  Greg met our new doctor and really liked him.  We saw Baby Goodman for the first time in 3 months and, boy, has he grown!  The first thing … Continue reading

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View From Above

Week 31- This is the view of my toes these days…I feel like I’m ready to POP!

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Two Month Countdown

Exactly two months from today is our due date! Greg and I are anxiously preparing for Baby Goodman’s arrival.  This week we signed up for all of the parenting classes we wanted to take at Northwestern.  We’re taking 4 classes … Continue reading

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Kung Pao Abby

We walked (I waddled) to Abby’s tonight for dinner.  She made her famous Kung Pao chicken.  I actually was craving it all day and ended up still wanting it even after it was made (a rare occasion these days).  Abby … Continue reading

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Prepping for Baby Goodman

We had our 30 week appointment today.  Baby Goodman’s heartbeat is nice and strong and he’s flipped upside down so he’s ready for delivery.  He’s measuring 32 weeks (even though we’re 30 today).  We’ll go back in 2 weeks for … Continue reading

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Our First Born Turns 2!

I can’t believe two years have passed since we got Pippin.  I’d post an updated picture of him, but he had a run in with the scissors and the look is not suiting him well.  So instead, let’s check out Pip … Continue reading

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