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January Roundup

January was filled with lots of time at home!

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Winter at the Lakehouse

After much begging and pleading, we took the kids to the bakehouse for the weekend.  It was good to have a little “getaway” during this long winter season!  They had a blast seeing the lake covered in snow! Playing on … Continue reading

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Home Depot

The boys are having a blast attending the monthly Home Depot workshops with Zeyde. They meet at the donut shop at 8:30AM for a well-rounded breakfast before the event. Each month, different guests have joined including: Noah, Grandpa, Billy, Abby, Alex … Continue reading

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Zeyde’s 60th Bday Present

We planned a day out with Zeyde and the “originals” for his 60th bday gift.  We had to cut the day short as we did a poor job of checking his calendar and didn’t realized he was already booked for … Continue reading

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Happy New Year (goodbye 2015!)

We celebrated New Years at home this year with fevers, coughs and colds X3.  We didn’t mind too much, as we’ve never really loved spending the holiday out on the town. We did have something to celebrate, though!  For the … Continue reading

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