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Vegas, Baby!

The trip we had been waiting for finally arrived!  We were off to Vegas to celebrate my 30th birthday (and to enjoy a few kid-free days)!  All of the “Silverman” kids were on board, except Abby, Cari & Alex, who … Continue reading

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Race Track

Benji was able to sneak a few minutes in with Joey’s race track while Joey napped yesterday!

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Hives, hives go away!

Joey is covered, head to toe, in hives.  Although the pneumonia has resolved itself, he had an allergic reaction to the antibiotic he was on.  He broke out over a week ago and is still covered.  We were back at … Continue reading

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Beginner Reader

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Fall Photos

We took some great family photos last week!  The best part?  The photographer was so great, our kids had no idea photos were even being taken!

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Poor Kiddo

Joey’s had quite the week 🙁 We ended up on the ER on Friday night because he was breathing so fast!  Fortunately, Lurie Children’s was a child-friendly as it could possibly be! After a breathing treatment, chest x-ray, and watching … Continue reading

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Happy 30th to Me!

We had a pretty low key birthday celebration this year, as everyone was under the weather and I was exhausted from taking care of everyone!  We still managed a nice celebration!  We ordered in one of my favorites (Rosebud) and … Continue reading

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Benji’s 1st Kidville Class!

He loved it, just as we expected!                   Bubbie surprised us at class!

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1st Full Week of Preschool

Joey had his first “full week” of preschool this week.  I’m so glad they send out daily summaries because when I ask him what he did, all I get is “played cars and had a snack”. They husked corn and … Continue reading

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If you’re happy and you know it…

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Play Date at the Park

We met Joey’s old play date group for a park date last week.  It was a full time job keeping up with both boys at the park! Joey had his first “real” injury, even requiring a steri strip.  The Cars … Continue reading

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