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Hanging as a family of 4!

“Put the camera down, Mom”                           Our happy 6 week old ūüôā                   High fives!           … Continue reading

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Already looking out for Benji…

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Dizzy Dancer

Notice he can only turn right….

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Celebrating Sopharella and Aunt Deb

We spent yesterday celebrating two very important people! ¬†I had Sophie’s baby shower in the morning, thrown by Vince’s mom. ¬†She did a beautiful job and really nailed all of the details:)               Sophie … Continue reading

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One-on-one with Joey!

Joey has had a pretty busy maternity leave, too! ¬†He’s been able to get out of the house a lot more than he does when I’m working. ¬†Before heading out yesterday, we checked out the snow. ¬†Joey was so confused, … Continue reading

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Joey at home…

Joey and Breanna are having so much fun together. ¬†Their typical day consists of at least an hour of “train play.” Believe it or not, they do other things as well. Baking brownies           Joey is … Continue reading

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Thursday Play date!


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Busy Wednesday

I took Joey to Gymboree this morning to see if he would like it. ¬†He LOVED it, as he was able to move throughout the entire class! ¬†We signed up for a Wednesday morning class through February ūüôā Gymboree   … Continue reading

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Benji’s 1 Month Doctors Appointment

I was outnumbered by kids at the doctor yesterday. ¬†How brave (or stupid) am I? ¬†Joey had to go in for a weight check to see if he finally gained some weight (he did, yah!) and Benji had his 1 … Continue reading

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Happy 1 Month, Benji!

What an awesome first month we have had with Benji! ¬†He still remains very “easy,” only fussing when he needs something. ¬†He’s been spending more time awake this last week, but still sleeps a 5 and 7 hour stretch at … Continue reading

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Last few days…

Benji loves the soft blankets, just as Joey did (and still does)!               Cuddle time with Dad! I took Joey to nursery school on Friday. ¬†Bubbie Gogo came and joined us!       … Continue reading

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Lending a helping hand….

Serious face                 Happy face Holding Benji for the first time             Mommy wins the vegetable battle today (I chopped up¬†cauliflower and hid it in the pasta)!   … Continue reading

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Benji’s Newborn Photos

We did Benji’s newborn shoot when he was 6 days old. ¬†He (for once) had a hard time staying asleep so we spent a great deal of time just waiting around! ¬†Lidia did a GREAT job with the shoot (and … Continue reading

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Joey showing his love the best way he knows how….

By sharing his trains.                   We tried Benji’s winter coat on today, just to make sure it fit! It was so comfy, he fell asleep within 2 minutes!       3.5 … Continue reading

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QT with my boys

We let Greg sleep in Saturday morning while I spent time with the boys. ¬†We had a “no TV” rule and played with just about every toy we own. ¬†Benji slept 90% of the time so Joey got my full … Continue reading

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