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I’m cute and I know it…

Even with dinner all over my face! Apple time           Making sure to get every last bite           Giving a hug to his lovie, which we’ve named Knuffle Bunny after his favorite … Continue reading

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Yom Kippur 2012

Joey and I had an easy fast this year ūüôā ¬†Joey had a pretty good time in shul (as did we). ¬†It’s a lot more fun with kids! ¬†We attended the children’s service with him, but he preferred the adult … Continue reading

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Quality time with Aunt Kate and Uncle Shelley

Joey’s Great Aunt Kate and Great Uncle Shelley were in town last week for Rosh Hashana. ¬†We made sure to have dinner plans with them before they left! ¬†We headed to Bella Notte and had a great dinner. ¬†After dinner, … Continue reading

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Football Joe

Greg has been teaching him “spike” for a few weeks, but we have NO idea where he learned “hike” from! Hike & Spike

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16 months (and looking back)

0 Months -Arrived on Sunday, May 22nd at 7:55A.M. weighing 8lbs, 6oz and measuring 21 inches -Bris on May 30, 2011, followed by his first trip to the lake house -Moved into our new home on June 21, 2011   … Continue reading

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Our little Picasso has been busy creating his masterpiece all morning long!               This was my “I’m going back to work and feel a little guilty” gift. ¬†It’s been a hit so far! ¬†He’d … Continue reading

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We’re having a nephew!

Burnett Baby It was secretly my preference for them to have a boy!  Joey and G2 are going to have so much fun rough housing with their new cousin!

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Jane’s Baby Naming

The Wigoda’s had us over for Shabbos tonight for Jane’s baby naming. ¬†They had a brief ceremony and their older kids, Jack and Julia, participated too!               Baby Naming Baby Naming 1 Hamotzi   … Continue reading

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Finger Painting

Breanna had a great activity planned for Joey yesterday. ¬†She made edible finger paint at home and brought it to our house for Joey to try out! ¬†He was hesitant at first, but soon got into it (and even tasted … Continue reading

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G2- 27 Week Appointment

My 27 week appointment was full of exciting things….the glucose tolerance test, flu shot and RhoGAM shot. ¬†G2 is looking great! ¬†He has a strong heart beat and is still measuring 2 weeks big. ¬†He’s head down and it feels … Continue reading

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Rosh Hashanah 2012

Joey wasn’t quite an angel again today, but we still had a great day. ¬†Aunt Abby and Aunt Cari got Joey this life-size Elmo balloon.               Joey handled Elmo a lot better than the … Continue reading

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Erev Rosh Hashanah 2012

We celebrated with Nanny, Poppy and many other family and friends tonight. ¬†Joey was an angel and didn’t begin showing signs of being tired until almost 9PM!           Aunt Deb, Greg and Joey       … Continue reading

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Aunt Abby invited Joey to a neat event this morning. ¬†We got to meet the Ninja Turtles and enjoy a pizza party with them! We tried to start the event off right with a lollipop!           … Continue reading

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Our new normal

We had a wild saturday night out last night at the Yaffas. ¬†So wild, in fact, that we didnt get home until 8:15PM! ¬†The kids had a great time making “music,” each taking their turn crying or, in Joey’s case, … Continue reading

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Nursery School – Week 2

I was able to take him to class this morning because of the ongoing strike. ¬†Joey cried the first few minutes of class and kept running towards the door. ¬†He settled in after a few minutes and had a great … Continue reading

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