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Happy 1st Birthday, Sopharella!

Sophie’s 1st Birthday was rescheduled for last weekend.  Benji was still recovering from the stomach flu so he (and Greg) had to miss out on the phone but Joey had a blast! Max and Joey playing         … Continue reading

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Hanukah – Night 1

We went all-out for the first night of Hanukah. We had been talking about the holiday with the boys for weeks, and Joey had been learning about it in school. He was so excited and couldn’t wait for Greg to … Continue reading

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Stomach Flu :(

The stomach flu paid the entire Goodman family a visit this week…Benji certainly had it the worst!! Super B has finally met his match! I took him to the doctor on Sunday just to have him checked out…The doctor made … Continue reading

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Vinnie’s Birthday Shabbos

We celebrated Vinnie’s birthday Friday night! Shabbat blessing Mmmm, Aunt Lori’s challah! Benji had a great time playing with Zeyde! They ended up having a sleepover…Greg and I had NO idea that Bubbie had quite the night ahead of her! … Continue reading

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Wrestle Mania!


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Dinner with Hollie and Mike

Hollie and Mike came over for dinner tonight!  I think their ears are still ringing!!!  Joey invented a game that we played for at least 30 minutes…

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Joey visits the Circus!

Aunt Abby and Alex took Joey to the circus last week!  Surprisingly, Joey didn’t enjoy it as much as we thought he would.  He certainly was not a fan of the clowns! He did seem to enjoy the tigers! And … Continue reading

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10.5 months! New tricks: waving “hello” and “bye-bye” and blowing kisses!

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Joey’s 1st Haircut

Although I wasn’t ready, it was (past) time for Joey’s 1st haircut.  Two people told Joey how cute “she” was on Halloween… Bubbie joined us for the big event while Greg stayed home with Benji…           … Continue reading

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Shabbos in the City

Both kids were FINALLY healthy enough to make it to Shabbos.  We left Greg home so he could recover from a head cold (and not get the rest of us sick)!  The Panozzomans were stuck at home with the stomach … Continue reading

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Hodge Podge of October Photos

I haven’t been great about posting lately…We’ve been busy with work, vacation and illness!  Here’s October in review!                             Sophie came for a play date!     … Continue reading

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Halloween 2013

We had a pretty low-key Halloween this year.  Joey was still recovering from all of his ailments and we didn’t want him out in the cold and rainy weather!  Fortunately, he’s still young enough to not understand what he was … Continue reading

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Vacation with Nanny and Poppy

While we were in Vegas, Joey and Benji stayed with Nanny and Poppy.  They had an awesome time! Exercising with Nanny                   Chef Poppy serving breakfast Poppy was really proud to share … Continue reading

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