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December 2017

We celebrated Benji’s birthday at his school.  He absolutely loved every moment of the attention!                                                   … Continue reading

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Hannukah 2016

We love this time of year! Making Hannukah cookies           Learning how to spin the driedel           Trying latkes (but basically just eating apple sauce)               … Continue reading

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Hannukah 2015

The boys were really old enough this year to anticipate the excitement of Hannukah.  They began a count down 2 weeks prior and couldnt wait to light the candles on night 1! We read three different Hannukah books each night, … Continue reading

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Hannukah 2014

The kids had a fabulous week celebrating Hannukah! Getting ready…           We first celebrated with the Bohrer’s.  Lucy came over with her parents and the kids read Hannukah books, had dinner, sung songs and exchanged gifts! … Continue reading

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Hanukah & Poppy’s Birthday!

Aunt Lisa and Uncle Bill had us over for brunch on Sunday to celebrate Poppy’s birthday and Hanukah.  They, as always, put together quite the spread.  Despite Joey having a cold, we ventured out!   Trying out the massage chair! … Continue reading

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Enjoying maternity leave!

I’ve been taking care of business the last few days, running last minute errands and shopping for things we “need” for G2.  Lori, Sophie and I hit up an awesome children’s sample sale yesterday.  The only way up with a … Continue reading

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Hannukah – Night 3

Joey and Breanna made a Hannukah present for Greg and I today.  So sweet!               We lit the candles at home tonight.  We also celebrated my last day of work (I’m officially on maternity … Continue reading

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Celebrating Hannukah with Family

We started the day off at the Waxes, celebrating with Greg’s side of the family.  Joey was overwhelmed with all of the gifts he received (and loved each and every one of them)!           High-fiving Ellis … Continue reading

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Hannukah 2012

We’ve been preparing Joey for Hannukah all week by reading books, talking about the significance and doing crafts!  Here’s what he made at nursery school with Nanny!           Bubbie and Zeyde had Joey all day today, … Continue reading

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Hannukah with The Silverman’s

We had a great Hannukah celebration at Bubbie and Zeyde’s Friday night.  We got to do a triple birthday celebration, too!  Happy Birthday Uncle Billy, Great Bubbie Go-Go and Zeyde!

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First Night of Hannukah

Joey and I read a bit about Hannukah before Greg came home from work.                         High five for reading!               We got to FaceTime … Continue reading

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