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Pardon me, I can now blog directly from my phone

The real deal

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Joey has a excuse, but what about Lori??

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Hannukah with The Silverman’s

We had a great Hannukah celebration at Bubbie and Zeyde’s Friday night.  We got to do a triple birthday celebration, too!  Happy Birthday Uncle Billy, Great Bubbie Go-Go and Zeyde!

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7 Months Old!

Joey turned 7 months old today.  We spent the evening celebrating night 3 of Hannukah with the Bohrer’s.  We snapped some great photos of each of the babies and tried our best to get a good one of the two of … Continue reading

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I thought it would be a good idea for Joey to air out for a while before putting a new diaper on (logical, right?). I also thought it was a great time to shoot some cute photos. Joey thought otherwise … Continue reading

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First Night of Hannukah

Joey and I read a bit about Hannukah before Greg came home from work.                         High five for reading!               We got to FaceTime … Continue reading

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Baby Genius

Bounce If You Love Mommy!

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Hannukah Part 1

We spent the day up north with Nonny, Poppy and the rest of the gang.  We had a great time celebrating Joey’s First Hannukah.  Joey got to taste Nonny’s famous potato latkes with applesauce, as well as egg white egg salad … Continue reading

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Joey and His New Bestie!

Lucy came over for a playdate this week.  We wanted to get a shot of them snuggling, but it’s really Joey napping and Lucy talking in her sleep (or screaming her head off).  Either way, Joey didn’t flinch. Tomorrow we’re … Continue reading

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We think this teething #^$* is over, at least until the next pair come in.  Joey seems to be back to his normal self and we couldn’t be happier! Bounce…or spit Babble Joey loves Daddy Special time with daddy!   … Continue reading

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Pidyon Ha’ben

Nonny and Poppy hosted Joey’s Pidyon Ha’ben this weekend. It was really a wonderful celebration!  Joey liked being the center of attention and even put on quite a show for the crowd throughout the ceremony (including spitting up all over Mommy).  … Continue reading

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Joe visits Joe’s

Grandma and Grandpa came in town just for Joey’s Pidyon.  We got to spend some alone time with them Friday night.  Joe’s for Shabbat?  Why not? Although my little kosher man didn’t try crab, he did enjoy some creamed spinach, … Continue reading

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Our Poor Baby

Joey’s not handling this teething thing well.  Let’s just say he’s having “stomach flu-like” symptoms. I finally got a photo of the little suckers….Be sure to check out the leftovers from dinner all over his face.         … Continue reading

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Joey’s 6 Month Photos (really 6.5 months)

I was a little late taking our monthly photos this month…                               Joey quickly had enough… And started playing “catch the flash”         … Continue reading

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Adventures in Babysitting

By Friday afternoon, I was really down for the count so Bubbie and Zeyde offered to take Joey for dinner, which turned into a 24 hour visit. Joey made sure to wake up every hour, on the hour, to remind … Continue reading

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