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Times Have Changed…

Last night Greg and I were out house hunting again and had a few minutes in between showings to grab dinner.  We decided to go to EPIC burger, as I have been craving turkey burgers throughout my pregnancy.  I stepped … Continue reading

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Busy Week!

We hit the 37 week mark on Monday….This means we’re officially “full term.” Wooo-hoo!!  Greg and I finished our baby classes at Northwestern, packed our “go bag” for the hospital, continued our hunt for the perfect home and installed the … Continue reading

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I’m FINALLY feeling great again, which is weird as we get closer to labor (just 4.5 weeks!)…It’s some much needed relief from the waddling and sleeping sitting up! For the past few weeks it felt as though Baby Goodman was ready to … Continue reading

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House Hunting

Greg and I went under contract on our condo last week.  We’re supposed to close June 9th….Yes, we both think it’s a little insane to move just 3 weeks after Baby Goodman arrives.  What’s more insane is that we’ll be … Continue reading

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Back to School…

We began the first of many baby classes last night.  It was 4 hours after work…Definitely a big mistake to wait so long to take the classes (as sitting in a chair for 4 hours straight was not comfortable), but Greg wanted … Continue reading

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And the Countdown Continues…

We hit the 34 week mark today…If Baby Goodman decides to visit us early, there’s no stopping him now!  We had a very busy weekend (even though I’m supposed to be taking it easy).  We got an offer on our … Continue reading

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