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Playdate with Ari

We headed over to Ari’s house last night for dinner and some fun.  The boys truly enjoyed hanging out with one another.  Ari was so excited to have a friend over, despite Joey being tired from protesting his afternoon nap. … Continue reading

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Tunnel Fun

We got Joey this tunnel to use for entertainment at his birthday party.  When I opened it up the first night, Joey wouldn’t go near it.  By the next day, he was loving it and now he hangs out in … Continue reading

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Our baby has a bongie

It kind of freaks me out because 4 of Joey’s adult aunts still sleep with their bongies/stuffed animals to this day.                     Downward Dog

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11 Months Old

Joey’s 11 months old today.  He’s such a big boy and we’re so proud of him! Favorite Food: Strawberries, although he still prefers his bottle over anything else (we’re dreading next month when he’s supposed to give it up). Favorite … Continue reading

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Week in Review

Joey had a ton of fun hanging in his new playroom this week.  He has so much fun just putting toys in and out of the toy boxes.               Downward Dog (his new favorite … Continue reading

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Back to the Zoo

Although Greg and I still haven’t gone to the zoo with Joey, he has been about 5 times- what a lucky kid!  Today, he went with Bubbie, Zeyde, Aunt Lori and Uncle Vinnie. His favorite animal was the polar bear … Continue reading

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“Take your Family to Work” Day

On Saturday morning there was an “open house” at Greg’s new, modern office.                             Joey had a great time hanging out at Greg’s desk…he made sure to … Continue reading

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I’m adorable and I know it!

Joey and I went out to dinner with Lisa last night.  We went for Mexican, and Joey couldn’t have been happier.  He ate so much guacamole (and fajitas and avocado and yogurt melts and applesauce and cheese) that I was … Continue reading

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Fun with Grandma and Grandpa!

Grandpa came over yesterday to watch Joey while I was held up at work.               We spent the evening building Joey’s toy room furniture.  We can’t install it yet, but we made significant progress … Continue reading

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Walking and Talking

Attempt 1 Attempt 2

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Joey’s 1st Passover

We celebrated the first night of Passover at the Silverman’s.  Joey’s aunts and uncles got to spend some quality time with him one-on-one.               Riding with Cari               … Continue reading

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MIA for a week

Not only was I on spring break this past week, but I also dumped an entire cup of water on my new laptop. Future Genius                             Fortunately, … Continue reading

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Joey visits Kipling (and had a great weekend, too)

Aunt Lori brought Joey to Kipling on Friday.  He spent the majority of time with his eyes wide open- he’s never seen so many kids all at once! Answering the phones at my desk           Spending … Continue reading

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