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Happy 80th Birthday, Grandpa!

He looks nothing like it, but Joey’s Great-Grandpa is 80 today! We celebrated on Sunday night, with many close family and friends.           Making a wish!           Zeyde and Joey     … Continue reading

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Macgyver Bubbie

Bubbie watched Joey this morning so I could run some errands.  She brought him to the Burnetts to check out their new house, but didn’t bring his diaper bag along. Check out her makeshift diaper…not bad!

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Hollie’s Bachelorette!

I cant believe her wedding is almost here!  We had a great time celebrating last Saturday, despite not being able to get extremely intoxicated (as I had always pictured to be at her bachelorette party).  I even made it out … Continue reading

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Brunch with Gogo and the Leons!

We joined the usual Thursday brunch group this week and had a blast!           He would NOT cooperate for a photo with Bubbie Gogo

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Rat Attack!

When ADT was here installing our security system, they made a gruesome discovery in our crawl space.  We have visitors, big and unwelcome visitors. We had pest control out that same day to clean out the space and set up … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Stella!

We celebrated Stella’s birthday this past weekend!  We can’t believe how quickly time is flying by… They got happy meals for all of the kids for lunch.  Joey loved both the chicken nuggets and french fries!  The toy that came … Continue reading

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Pacman v. Joey

We have Pacman as a houseguest for the next 2.5 weeks.  He’s been a pleasure so far (except for the little turds he leaves in the kitchen immediately following his morning walk).  After his first night here, we moved him … Continue reading

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Swimming and Lunch

We met Jessie at the pool this week for some swimming.  Joey wanted nothing to do with Jessie while in the water, but quickly flirted with her once we were at lunch. Hollie came to meet us too!     … Continue reading

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Joey’s many expressions…

…all caught on camera by the super-talented, Ellis!           We headed to Nanny and Poppy’s for a BBQ tonight!  It was great catching up with Aunt Lisa and cousins, Naiya and Ellis too! Joey was like … Continue reading

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Camp with Nanny and Poppy

Joey went to camp with Nanny and Poppy today.  Here’s a video of him during music time… Trying to shoot hoops               Dancing to the Beat After camp, they had a great lunch at … Continue reading

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Millennium Park

Joey and I walked to Millennium Park yesterday.  There was a free Wiggleworms concert (I think they have them each Wednesday).  Joey could care less about the singing, as he was so concerned about what the other kids were eating/drinking. … Continue reading

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Making Mommy proud

We had a great time at camp yesterday!  Joey’s favorite part of the day was the instrument room, where he got to bang on drums the entire time.  Towards the end of his time in music, Joey made us so … Continue reading

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Carol Cohn & Margie Weil Memorial MS Outing

The entire Silverman family attended the MS Outing yesterday.  It was another successful event, raising over $500,000 in just one day!  Great work, Dad!  We’re proud of you 🙂 Here’s a shot of the guys on the golf course, taking … Continue reading

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Cheese please!

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Hanging with Aunt Val

We met Aunt Val for brunch today at Oak Tree.  Joey had a great time sitting (standing) in the booth for most of his meal.  It was great showing Aunt Val how much he’s grown!  After lunch, we made an … Continue reading

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