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Ready for Winter!

Despite Greg giving me a mouthful every time I dress Joey up like a doll, I enjoy it too much to stop!

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Greg has added some fancy features to The Goodman Times, including a subscription link.  I’m done sending an email each time we have a new post, so make sure to subscribe to continue receiving emails each time there’s a new … Continue reading

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Movin’ On Up…

Joey’s finally graduated to sitting with us at the dinner table.  It was so nice to sit all together (and eat together too).  This week, we introduced Joey to pears.  They’re definitely the favorite, but I imagine when he tastes … Continue reading

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Can’t Believe It’s November

We got to meet Great Aunt Val and Great Uncle Shel for brunch on Saturday morning.  Val has started the tradition of bringing Joey a book each time she sees him (and we love it!).  After brunch, I tried taking advantage … Continue reading

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Peas? I think not…


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Hanging In

Joey’s favorite soft blanket from the Bursteins Smiles before breakfast Don’t know if he prefers his toes or his sweet potatoes more… The boys playing together Joey loves Pip’s soft fur

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Joey Videos (5.5 months)

Sitting and Playing “Crawling” Joey Eating Food Update: Sweet potatoes are his favorite so far, with squash trailing not far behind.  A big thumbs down for carrots, however.  Apple sauce and peas are up this week!  Stay tuned… Easily Entertained

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Halloween (the real deal)

Halloween is SO much fun when you have a kid.  Joey got to wear his glow-in-the-dark halloween pajamas all day…He would have been able to sleep in them, but he pished all over himself halfway through the day.  Greg and I … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween!!

It’s annual tradition for us to go out and have a few too many drinks on Halloween in celebration of Abby, Cari and Lori’s birthdays.  This year was a little different because, regardless of our crazy night out, we knew we still … Continue reading

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