Joey visits Kipling (and had a great weekend, too)

Aunt Lori brought Joey to Kipling on Friday.  He spent the majority of time with his eyes wide open- he’s never seen so many kids all at once!

Answering the phones at my desk






Spending some quality time with my office-mate, Kipling’s assistant principal








Uncle Kenny and cousins Cammie and Blake joined us for Shabbat dinner.  Joey was exhausted from his sleepless night the night before and was out cold before dinner began. While we headed up to the pool to watch the girls swim after dinner, Great Bubbie GoGo stayed downstairs to babysit Joey.

Billy and Greg providing their own entertainment

On Saturday morning, Nanny and Poppy came over super-early to get some time in with Joey.  The Silverman sisters (minus preggo Lori) and Bubbie had brunch with Stacy at Fred’s.  It was great spending time with one another, without the “intruders.”  Greg was kind enough to let me run errands the rest of the day, while he remained on “Joey duty.”

On Sunday morning, Joey had a playmate with a  new friend.  In the afternoon, we went on an outing to ABT.  We’ve decided to turn the downstairs room into a playroom for Joey’s first birthday present.  Greg insisted “Joey” needed a 55″ TV so how could I tell my son “no?”

Nanny and Poppy stopped by ABT just to say a quick “hello”








Joey had a blast lounging in the mini lazy boys, eating warm chocolate chip cookies and checking out the giant fish tank.








After ABT, we stopped by Target for dish soap.  Lots of dish soap, huh?






Last night we hung in, just enjoying time with one another.



We finally caught a few of Joey’s steps on tape!

A few small steps…


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  1. Aunt Val says:

    Great pictures! Great Joey! Great seeing all of you last night!
    Love Joey’s light hair.

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