Yom Kippur 2012

Joey and I had an easy fast this year 🙂  Joey had a pretty good time in shul (as did we).  It’s a lot more fun with kids!  We attended the children’s service with him, but he preferred the adult service this year.  He pretty much ate 90% of the time.  If his mouth wasn’t full, he was talking so we just made sure to keep his mouth full (fruit loops, goldfish, sucker, and fruit snacks).

On the way home, we stopped to pick him up lunch so I could feed him in the car before he had a chance to fall asleep.  He didnt even get 1 french fry in his mouth before crashing…

We broke the fast at Northmoor this year and had our own private room, which meant  Joey was able to run free throughout the meal.  Check out our gigantic table!









Moving on to dinner (he at about 1/10 of what I put on his plate)








He was smart enough to save room for dessert….











First piano lesson with Bubbie








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  1. Aunt Val says:

    Great family! Adorable child. Love the pictures.

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