Joey’s First Rosh

A year ago to the day, we were telling our families that we were expecting a baby. Now, we’re celebrating this sweet New Year with our precious addition.

We spent Wednesday night at Nonny and Poppy’s. Unfortunately, Joey was fussy from receiving his shots the day before so he slept through most of the evening (and we didn’t even get a photo).

 Thursday, we took him to shul where he was a perfect angel. I think he liked it so much because it wasn’t too loud yet there was so much to see! We loved it because Joey was our excuse to leave after 1.5 hours!

Zeyde was down for the count before Joey!!

We had a great lunch at Zeyde and Bubbie’s before heading back downtown.

Joey and Great Bubbie GoGo

Joey with Zeyde and Great Grandma Pearl!!

Joey all dressed up for the holiday (and wishing he could try a matzo ball)!

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