Goldie – 9 Months!

Best words to describe Goldie at 9 months: happy and thriving!  She loves to eat, finds her brothers hilarious and always on the hunt for a gate left open or LEGOS to eat.

She got a great report from her 9 month appointment

18# (50%)

28.5″ (75%)

17.75 head circumference (90%)

She’s crawling everywhere and has tried just about every food.  She likes everything except Hummus.

































Joey (a few months shy of age 5)

He loves Hot Wheels, LEGOS, his scooter and his iPad!



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2 Responses to Goldie – 9 Months!

  1. Terry Cohen says:

    See has such beautiful big eyes!!!

  2. Valerie Goodman says:

    The kids are getting so big!
    Time for another lunch date.

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