Benji’s 4th Bday

Benji was psyched to turn 4 (because we mistakenly told him that he could stop napping once he did).
Grandma and Grandpa came in to celebrate a week early.  We went to Quartino for dinner (it was way too loud for GG so we ended up crashing Aunt Cari’s house for dessert).

Donut cake

img_7030 img_7037












Benji got a Viewmaster and ended up loving it so much he chose to bring it in to school for his “show and tell” day.

On the day of his birthday, Nanny and Poppy came over for a special french toast breakfast (the kids are on break).  After that, we headed to Northbrook Court for lunch with Great Grandma Poo Poo…







…and then visited Great Grandpa Morrie at his office. Joey had a great time playing, “which one is bigger?” and showing off his math skills…













The Suarai joined us for pizza and cupcakes









Birthday Shabbos









Getting Shabbos ready


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