Spring Break 2017

We had another fantastic Spring Break trip to Scottsdale.  This year, Bubbie & Zeyde rented a house so we were able to spend some time with them too!

The kids were great on the plane.  They all had their iPads and stayed fairly entertained the entire ride.  We still wouldn’t consider a much longer flight quite yet – this was about their max!













Spending some time with Bubbie & Zeyde after being separated for a month!













Joey swimming (without floaties) at Bubbie & Zeyde’s pool

Water fight!











Swimming lessons















Impressed with her shadow






Enjoying S’Mores






DJ & Goldie bonding








Checking out the scenary








AZ Aquarium



























Coolest escalator ever!








Butterfly Museum
























Benji was so gentle with the butterflies!








Annual visit to the train park.























Waiting patiently (or not!)
















Ready for a walk…








Goldie swinging with Grandpa

AZ Zipline

Swinging another day…they had so much fun we came back for more!

Boys Racing – they loved it!






Goldie’s Ride

Zero Depth Pool!

Morning shnuggles







Dinner at “The Club”



























More swimming fun!




























Photo finish!














Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for another awesome vacation!

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