Vacation- Part III

The “big kids” decided to continue our vacation so we could spend some extra time with Bubbie and Zeyde (and delay the inevitable a few days longer). Joey convinced Lori, Vinnie, Michele and Billy to all extend a few extra days…and then they extended a few more days!

On Tuesday, we took Joey to the hotel’s private island so he could have his second beach experience. This visit went over a lot better, as the water was much calmer.








We decided to be active in the afternoon so we climbed up to the top of the mountain on the island to check out the views-goregeous!






Joey eating traif!

Grandpa and Grandma bought Joey a pirate ship in San Juan that he loves! He even hangs out in it when he’s not in the water.






Wednesday (1-4) was very eventful! We hung by the pool and got to see Joey crawl for the first time! He had 3 solid crawls and then a face plant, followed by some major tears. Unfortunately, I only got the faceplant on video…

After that, he decided to poop in his pants (sans diaper). Aunt Michy cleaned him all up!






We headed to the infinity pool in the afternoon-what an awesome view!

Family Shot

Zeyde and Joey

Joey LOVES the pool






Afternoon exercises!

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2 Responses to Vacation- Part III

  1. stacy says:

    the pics of the boys in the water is sooo classic. LOVE.

  2. Aunt Val says:

    It looks like Joey had the best time!
    Love Aunt Val

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