And we’re off!!

We left yesterday for a long weekend in Arizona.  Joey was a rockstar on the flight, despite having a cold.  Still, with his rockstar status, he was a handful.  I am thankful every day that we have a “good baby” because if not, we would be confined to our home-base. Fortunately, Aunt Abby was on our flight.  Everyone thought we were the obnoxious people traveling with 1 child AND our nanny.

I thought I’d get dirty looks carrying a wine glass on the flight, so my Kim Crawford went in a paper coffee cup.  *Definitely highly recommended for a 4 hours flight.

Joey was moving and shaking the first few hours of the ride, with a nice solid nap to finish off the flight.








He slept until we got to Grandma and Grandpa’s, where he woke up just to show off his crawling skills!

‘We started Saturday morning off right with an 8AM sleep in!  Joey spent the morning crawling around, trying to gets his hands on some of the tribal art displayed all over their house.  With no luck, he gave up and had a cuddle session with Grandpa.








By the afternoon it was warm enough to spend some time in the pool!






Dinner was awesome.  Beverly “threw together” some salad, osso bucco, chicken, risotto and homemade ice-cream.






She’s got some skills in the kitchen Greg really wishes I had!  The boys topped off dinner with an entire box of Mallomars.








Don’t worry, Pippin’s having a little adventure of his own!  He’s spending the weekend with Todd.  He’s having a blast (as always) and I’m certain he’ll come home exhausted!








Exhausted after a long play session

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