Arizona Adventures cont….

We had another full day of activity in Arizona.  We had brunch at The General Store, an adorable restaurant and fully-functioning “general store” in Scottsdale.  Joey had a great time just looking around at all of the interesting things displayed throughout the place.

After brunch, we headed to McDonald Ranch for some fun.  We took some adorable (and not s adorable) photos of Joey and got to explore the Western way of life.

























They had a petting zoo where we were able to do a lot of looking, but chose not to do much petting.

Look at a bunny








Checking out the chickens






Snorting at the pig








Petting the donkey

Time for a tractor ride!








Lasso the bull (got him on my first try)






Abby giving it a shot!

After the ranch, it was time to meet Grandpa’s horse, Cricket.  Although we got a video of me, it’s much funnier to watch Aunt Abby showing Cricket who’s Boss.

I thought Joey would be a little nervous around such a big animal, but nope! He stuck his entire fist up Cricket’s nostril within minutes of meeting her.




























We got to hang in the pool for an hour before Joey’s afternoon nap.  He’s getting more and more comfortable in the water.  He even tried floating on his back (which he was very afraid of just a few months ago).











Joey was an angel on the flight home despite having a cold (and a possible ear infection).  He slept 3 hours until we finally woke him up so he would sleep through the night.  I also learned the importance of apple juice for take off and landing (thanks Bubbie!)  Finally, I appreciate bananas more than I ever have.  We strategically gave them to him for breakfast and didn’t have to change any poop diapers on the plane!

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