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Joey had a busy day today!  Alyssa took him to the park and they had a blast watching the older kids play.








When I got home, Jessie came over and we took Joey and Pippin for a nice walk.  Jessie pushed Joey while Pippin walked me.  Joey gave Jessie quite the workout, constantly throwing his sunglasses and/or sippy cup overboard for her to fetch.

After Joey had avocado, beans and chicken for dinner, he dominated this cookie.

A lesson in sharing








Joey LOVED his cookie, so much so that we had to distract him on FaceTime with Bubbie and Zeyde and pry it out of his hands.








Joey washed his cookie down with milk (still his favorite “food” to date, although deli turkey comes in a close second)!








Out cold after a busy night with his “Bear” from the Bursteins!

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