Happy 1st Birthday, Joey


This has been the best year of our lives, all because of you! Its unbelievable the joy you’ve brought to everyone who loves you, how much you’ve taught your parents, and how you’ve developed over the last 12 months! We’re so proud of you and love you so much 🙂

A look back…

We had a great time celebrating today! It started off on a rough note for you, though, as you woke up covered in hives. We’re guessing it was last night’s raspberries, but we’re not positive. You didn’t let that stop you from having a blast! Alyssa took you to the park and you had a great time playing all day long.

Playing with your new favorite cars from the Smileys








Downward Dog








Swinging in the park








Opening presents!






I think you knew we had an exciting evening planned because you vetoed your afternoon nap, choosing instead to play with Bubbie. We headed to the park for a picnic with as many of your family members as could join.

Playing catch (or fetch) with dad








The food arrived!






You dug right in to the chips & guacamole, eating the guac and spitting out the chips in chunks






1-year old!








You kept plowing right towards the food throughout the meal, crawling over boxes of sliders to get to what you wanted.  You made sure to save room for cake, though!






Checking out the dog park with Bubbie






…and your back!








Happy as always








Fun with Aunt Michy!  She was acting silly and you loved every moment, cracking up so hard you kept falling on your tush.






























Bubbie giving it a try (“A” for effort)











Time to sing “Happy Birthday”











Licking the candle- You ate 1/4 of the entire cake.  We had to distract you so you would eventually forget about it.





Mmmm, mmmm cake!






Saying “goodnight” to Poppy






You were OUT COLD before we walked the two blocks back to our house!

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  1. Gary W says:

    What an amazing kid. Happy birthday!

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