Memorial Day Weekend

We headed up to the lake right after work on Friday, hitting almost no traffic.  Joey slept from the moment we got in the car until we pulled in the driveway at the lake.

We had a great weekend!  Our entire family was able to spend time together, which is  rare with everyones busy schedules.  Joey even slept a little better for us this trip, not waking up until 5:30AM (big improvement for him).

Right when we got up to the lake, we took a ride on the new, extra-large pontoon boat!  Joey absolutely LOVED it!, standing post at the front of the boat the entire ride.








The guys had a lot of work to do to get set up for the summer

Vinnie and Lori gave Joey his birthday present-his first set of Legos!  Vince spent an hour setting them up and Joey spend 7 seconds knocking them down 🙂






Greg checking out Joey’s new Lego set






Joey made sure to test out all of the baby proofing Bubbie and Zeyde did over the winter. He found a few holes in their work, but only broke one thing the entire weekend.








Greg helping Joey try out his new slide








Golf cart rides!












Aunt Michy helping with Joey’s bath






It was extremely hot on Sunday so we took to the lake.  He had a blast in the water, despite it being a bit cold.








Taking a dip!

The whole crew






Quality time with Zeyde






Our cousins came and spent the day on Sunday.  It was so precious watching Cammy read to Joey.  Both Cammy and Blake were so helpful, “babysitting” him all afternoon.






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