Father’s Day 2012

We spent the weekend at the lake.  It was nice and relaxing all weekend long!  The Wigodas came up for the day on Saturday.  Joey had so much fun watching the older kids play.  He’s finally learning to sleep well at the lake, just in time for summer!

Joey was very possessive of HIS ice bucket.  Anytime anyone would go near it, he would shriek!








Watching the older kids jump off the boat into the water








Impromptu nap time






Captain Joey!








Sharing a donut with Dad on Father’s Day morning, after Greg awoke from his 10AM sleep in!

We had a busy Fathers Day, making sure we covered all of our bases.  We spent the afternoon with the Waxes at their house…






Imy received her belated birthday gift, a Howard Bobble head

For dinner we headed to Twin Orchard, where our small party of 25 took up a good part of the room.  Greg loves Twin, especially for the giant buffet.

Greg opening his Father’s Day gifts…








Ron chowing on chocolate ice cream










Family shot

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