Happy Birthday Mom & Aunt Michy!

We had a great time celebrating Michele’s 30th and Bubbie’s 57th this weekend!

We headed out of the city early Friday afternoon to beat the traffic.  We were on the boat by 4PM!

Captain Joey






Joey trying out his new car toy

On the lookout







Twin Lakes Boat Scene Party (Joey’s in the mix too)






Birthday girl!






The Goodman boys hanging out!






Downward Dog!






Cooling off in the A/C








Lake Geneva for Birthday Dinner






Christian Louboutin cake!






Aunt Michy loves her red bottom shoes!






Taking turns blowing out half of the candles
















Bubbie walked Joey in his stroller until he fell asleep (just in time for the main course to arrive!)








Sporting his Olympic gear Sunday Morning








Bubbie and Zeyde took Joey to the bakery on Sunday morning so Greg and I could sleep in.  Joey didn’t mind…








Another great lake house weekend in the books!

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