Popped in Hawaii!

I woke up one morning in Kauaii to Greg saying “what the hell happened?”  Well, what happened was I popped.  I officially look Prego 🙂  It took 20 weeks but we’re halfway there and can’t imagine how much bigger I’m going to get over the next 20. I also felt Baby Goodman’s first kicks while in Maui.  It was amazing how much stronger they got by the time we arrived in Kauai.  Greg is patiently awaiting until they’re strong enough for him to feel.

What a gorgeous setting to choose Baby Goodman’s name.  We had a list of about 6 names we both liked and tried one out each day in Kauaii.  We are in love with what we chose and think it is perfect for our first born son.  We made it official by carving his name in the sand…We’ll share this picture after Baby Goodman makes his debut. 

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