Valentine’s Day 2013

We had fun celebrating all day today!  Joey checked out his bedroom door for a few minutes and learned the “heart” shape.









The morning began with a special visit from Bubbie, who made an appearance to kiss the boys (and to bring them gifts).  Joey made out with this awesome race track…


He had a blast playing with it every chance he got!  Hopefully when he wakes up tomorrow, he’ll have forgotten all about it (we put it away until he’s a little bit older).

Next, we met Nanny and Poppy for breakfast at Meli.  Benji was on his best behavior and Joey was finally able to reveal his Valentine’s Day cards he’s been working so hard on (I forgot to snap a photo)!

After breakfast we headed to the loop to get work permits for both boys.  We had the opportunity to meet with an agency and have decided to give it a try.  Benji booked his first photo shoot already (it’s tomorrow) so we’ll be sure to report back on how it went!  Joey was thrilled to have Burger King for lunch…









We spent the afternoon at home getting dinner ready for Greg.  Big thanks to Pinterest for the recipes!







Heard-shaped noodles


We snapped a few shots before Joey trashed his outfit at dinner…

















Joey was NOT happy when it was time to stop playing to eat dinner








Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Did ANYTHING get in his mouth?








Washing them down with some milk!






Sugar high!

I ordered a whole bunch of new clothes for the boys and they arrived today!  Joey had a BLAST trying them on (and trying to play football in his sun glasses).

















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