Benji’s 2 Month Checkup!

Benji had his 2 month appointment today!  The doctor was running behind so we did some tummy time while we waited.  Doesn’t it look like he’s working sooo hard?!







He also took a nap!

He’s growing like a weed and doing great!  He’s tracking us with his eyes, rolling over (front to back), cooing, etc.





Weight: 13lbs 10oz (90%)

Length: 23.5″ (90%)

Head: 16 3/8 (98%)


Benji crashed hard when he got home (he napped for almost 4 hours)


The nap was short-lived, though

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2 Responses to Benji’s 2 Month Checkup!

  1. Sophie Panozzo says:

    Feel better Cuz :(!!!!! I know what you are going through.

  2. Valerie Goodman says:

    So sweet. You have two beautiful boys!
    Have fun in AZ.

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