4th of July

We had a great time at the lake this past weekend.  Joey’s weekend began early, with a jam-packed day.  Aunt Abby, Aunt Cari & Alex took him to the Botanical Gardens to check out the massive train exhibit…He LOVED it (and still asks to return).  Even the adults said it was pretty impressive!


Everyone was able to make it up to the lake for the weekend.  We all got up there late Wednesday night.  Early Thursday morning, we changed all of the kids into the matching pajamas that Bubbie got them for a little photo shoot!  So cute, huh?!





I had to bribe Joey with some chocolate milk to get in the photo…







Off the races…

Image 10







Image 12







Image 8







Benji won this round, but it wont be long before the others catch up!

Off to the water we went…Joey was really excited to check out “Zeyde’s beach”









Captain Goodmans!









Ride home on the “fast boat” with Hilary holding on tight!

Image 18

Such a face…







He’s conquered his fear of the water (for now)

Joey’s hair was getting in his way and he kept asking for a hat.  This was the best I could come up with, but he seemed content…


Teaching him young…


One more photo shoot!





Uncle Dickie “helping” Joey get his pants on…









Later in the day we went to check out the city’s fair.  It was definitely underwhelming, although Joey enjoyed his first snow cone.








Yep, that’s me up there!









The kids twins went too!













The most exciting part about the entire excursion was following the fire truck (in route to a car accident) on the way home.  Joey loved watching the lights/sirens and singing “Fireman Sam” along the way.

On Saturday we ventured out again to the 4th of July parade!  After the under whelming city fair, no one wanted to go to the parade so I took Joey with Bubbie and Zeyde.









Joey LOVED seeing all of the firetrucks and ambulances.  He loved them even more when he realized they were all throwing candy out to the crowds…







During a break in the parade, Joey wandered toward the sidewalk.  I watched him to see what he was doing and it took me a minute to realize he went to find some shade (the only shade anywhere in sight).  Such a problem-solver!







Three tootsie pops later, it was time to get back to these adorable faces!







Kamikaze (that was my nickname growing up) Benji



















Hanging with Pacman standing guard….

Image 9








Time for a cool down…

Image 15







Reflecting back on a great weekend (one of my favorite shots)!

Image 14

Big thanks to all of the aunts and uncles who helped out this weekend so I could get so mommy and daddy could relax a bit!

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