1st Day of Drop Off Preschool!

Joey had his 1st day of school on Tuesday…He made me one proud Mama!  I dropped him off and said “goodbye” without turning back (despite the burning desire I had to go back in and check on him)!

The teachers all said he was well behaved (no tears) and had a great 1st day!









Debrief later that night!

Here’s what he really did per the class email…

In the Classroom

  • Art: decorated their “snack mats” for the year.  We helped each child find his or her name on a white piece of paper, and then he or she used dot paints to decorate it.  This activity fostered name recognition, fine motor skills with the dot painters and obviously – color recognition! We are going to laminate these and then every day for snack, each child will use his or her name recognition skills to find his or her seat.
  • Open Exploration: The children were able to explore with magna tiles at the front side table.  This fabulous toy promotes pre-science skills and fine motor skills.  With the new way our classroom is set up, the children are able to make independent play choices.  We rotate what is available to them but for the first few weeks, we have out bins with trains, cars, and mini people.
  • Super Sensory Sensations: Playdough was available at the front small table, allowing the children to squeeze, knead and roll the dough.  Playdough can help children to self regulate as it is soothing for many.  It can also enhance fine motor and creative skills, with the squeezing (strengthening fine motor skills) and the molding. In the water table, we had cups, balls and bowls for scooping, pouring and tossing.
  • Gross Motor Fun: We had beautiful weather on Tuesday and spent the end of the day outside, where we run, climb, and slide.  This time provides children with the opportunity to explore their place in space.  We also played Ring around the Rosie and blew bubbles, which the children took such delight in!


Hickity Pickity Bumblebee, Will You Say Your Name For Me?

Wheels on the Bus

Itsy Bitsy Spider


David Goes to School by David Shannon

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