Making the most of this never-ending winter!

We took the kids up north early on Sunday to take the sledding at my old stomping grounds.  Zeyde joined us!  Our first stop was OUAB for breakfast, of course!



Image 1

We spent just as much time getting them geared up as we did on the hill, but we had a great time!

Zeyde and Greg dragging the boys up!







Joey’s 1st Run

He wasn’t crazy about it but to be fair, he got sprayed in the face with snow the entire time.  Fortunately, we convinced him to give it one more try!








Benji had a blast with Zeyde!

Benji and Greg


Joey and I on his second attempt….Going down backwards proved very successful, as Joey didn’t get any snow in his face!

IMG_0038 IMG_0043










We watched the Super Bowl in Zeyde’s theater…We made sure to have a sitter this year so we could actually watch a bit of the game!

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