Business trip to Asheville

I was out of town for the majority of the week on business.  Nanny and Poppy had the kids for a few nights, as did Bubbie and Zeyde.  Although Greg and I missed the kids, we each enjoyed some quiet time!

Checking out the Deerfield Library

Image 1








Image 2

Image 3








Time for the park!

Image 5

Image 7








Clean up!

Image 9

Image 21








Zeyde trying out the new jungle gym


Rough house with Benji

Image 1







Movie night!

Image 3











Image 6

Image 4

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1 Response to Business trip to Asheville

  1. Valerie Goodman says:

    How nice to have the grandparents around to grow up with the grandchildren.
    Love the pictures.

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