Benji – age 2.5!

Benji has grown up so much in the last 6 months.  He’s 2.5 years old today! It’s so exciting to see him grow and learn.  What has he been up to lately???







-He’s loving sharing a “big boy room” with Joey.  They wake each other up each morning and spend almost 30 minutes playing Legos in their closet until, eventually, they want the same piece and begin fighting.





-He’s super coordinated (riding his scooter, playing sports, etc.)

-He loves cars, pirates, ninja turtles, firemen & policemen, playing hide-and-seek, racing and sharks.















-He LOVES taking a bath (although hates getting his hair washed)

-Favorite foods – anything sweet!  He’d eat fruit (especially grapes) and cookies for all three meals if it were allowed.









-He’s attached to Mommy, more and more now that Baby Goodman is about to arrive.

-He’s talking up a storm and some of his sayings leave us cracking up.

-He goes potty on the toilet each night and is so proud of himself when he earns a “pee pee sticker.”

-He LOVES his bongie and cuddles before bed – always requesting “2 more minutes.”

-He’s been packing a suitcase daily and requesting to go to “on a plane to Gampa’s house.” Fortunately, “Gampa” is headed to town this week and will be here for several weeks!

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