Prego or No Eggo?

Greg and I knew early on in our relationship that we wanted to be parents together.  Once we were married, there wasn’t much stopping us!  As the months in 2010 passed by, we decided “why wait?” We didn’t want to be empty nesters when we were too old to enjoy it and we wanted to be able to enjoy our grandchildren (as our parents will have the opportunity to do).

It was official…After Michele and Billy’s wedding, we’d begin to try!  When you’re preparing to get pregnant, the doctors all warn how long it may take and share the risks of miscarriage, etc.  For some reason, I felt it might take us a while to conceive.  Well, I was proven wrong for the first time ever…

After all of the anticipation and prepping ourselves for the long haul, we were shocked (and mostly excited) to find out we we’re expecting.

 The first two tests weren’t convincing enough, so we opted to spend the big bucks on the digital one.  It was a long three minutes, but when we saw that “yes” on September 16, 2011, neither of us could believe it!  I called the doctor to schedule an appointment immediately so I could have a blood test to confirm what we already knew to be true.  We were able to get in before the weekend was out and had our answer.  Originally we agreed to wait until our first ultrasound to share the news with anyone; however, we (meaning I) couldn’t keep this news a secret for long.  We emailed a picture of the pregnancy test to Greg’s dad and Beverly and told them to check their email while we were on the phone.  They were extremely happy and a little shocked to be thinking of themselves as grandparents!!

 We were going to be with both our families for The Rosh, so we told them right away, too.  I tried to be creative about telling my family, but it didn’t come out as slick as I thought it would…I asked “grandpa” to pass the bread (and finally everyone slowly caught on).  Needless to say, they were all ecstatic. Aunt Michy and Uncle Billy weren’t with us when we told the group so I handed her the pregnancy test in shul.  It was awesome!

We then stopped by Greg’s parents who were just as excited and surprised as everyone else.  What a great way to begin the Jewish New Year (and what a great excuse to not have to fast for Yom Kippur).


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