Cruising with 25

We were fortunate enough to have Grandma and Grandpa join us on the cruise this year, along with the Burnetts, Blooms, Frendas and Panozzos.  We definitely had a nice-size crew with us, many of whom were ready and willing to take Joey off of our hands and allow us some adult time!  Here are some photos from the week…






I tried my best to stick to the nautical theme for Joey while on the ship.  I did an excellent job, but did not do such a great job capturing it on camera!















Me and my 7 month old!






The casino was Joey’s favorite place.  He LOVED all of the bright lights…
















Joey LOVES the water!


































The boys patiently waiting in the jewelry store in Barbados






Quality time with Grandpa!













And some with Grandma, too!

Silverman Family Dinner

Joey making his own buffalo mozzarella – what a MESS!  I seriously had to pick it out of his ears!






Joey loved the rolls that accompanied dinner each night.  So much so, we had to keep taking from other tables because they all eventually ended up on the floor.








We had dinner at 8:30 each night so Joey was usually out cold by the end of it…








Bubbie took Joey to bed after dinner so we could go out.  Most nights, we found Joey and Bubbie cuddling!








We went to the beach in Antigua for Joey’s first beach experience.  I’ve never seen water so clear…The water was a bit choppy for Joey’s liking, but he did all right with it…






Beat after a long day in the sun

Greg and Ron (check out the rainbow in the background)






Reading before nap time!






Wine tasting before dinner…We were definitely glad we participated.  We actually learned a lot about red wine.






We had some great professional photos taken, too!  I’ll post them upon our return…Now, it’s time to get back in the sun!

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  1. Aunt Val says:

    Great pictures! Great trip to be with family for a vacation.

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