Checking out their new basement







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Spring Break 2017

We had another fantastic Spring Break trip to Scottsdale.  This year, Bubbie & Zeyde rented a house so we were able to spend some time with them too!

The kids were great on the plane.  They all had their iPads and stayed fairly entertained the entire ride.  We still wouldn’t consider a much longer flight quite yet – this was about their max!













Spending some time with Bubbie & Zeyde after being separated for a month!













Joey swimming (without floaties) at Bubbie & Zeyde’s pool

Water fight!











Swimming lessons















Impressed with her shadow






Enjoying S’Mores






DJ & Goldie bonding








Checking out the scenary








AZ Aquarium



























Coolest escalator ever!








Butterfly Museum
























Benji was so gentle with the butterflies!








Annual visit to the train park.























Waiting patiently (or not!)
















Ready for a walk…








Goldie swinging with Grandpa

AZ Zipline

Swinging another day…they had so much fun we came back for more!

Boys Racing – they loved it!






Goldie’s Ride

Zero Depth Pool!

Morning shnuggles







Dinner at “The Club”



























More swimming fun!




























Photo finish!














Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for another awesome vacation!

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February 2017

Picnic in the park in February!







Ice cream too!







Winter School Visits

She needs to work on sharing….

Sleepover at Nanny and Poppy’s…busy creating a TV set!








Disney on Ice with cousins and Zeyde














Trying on one of Bubbie’s purses








Preparing for the annual V-day balloon tradition…












Grandpa & Grandma came to town!















Goodbye breakfast with Bubbie before she left for Arizona

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Enjoying Spring

Bubbie & Goldie @ Shabbos








Ages 6-4-2








Celebrating Greg’s bday








Ice cream!







Visiting Benji @ School






Chaperoning Benji’s field trip







Celebrating Grandma Pearl’s 85th!







Loving the outdoors!















Testing out the big machines at our construction site








Hiding in the new Burnett basement



























Super boo!









Date night!

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March 2017

Staying warm in Bubbie’s coat.








Checking out her new bathtub!







Brush your teeth X3!




















On a walk with Aunt Michy!












Hide ans Seek!








Gigi is quite the performer.  Her favorite movie these days is “SING.”  She loves the attention she gets when she’s singing and dancing!

Morning Exercise!

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January 2017

Special outing to the museum with Poppy!





























Toys ‘R Us with Aunt Michy (just what they needed after a week of Hannukah and Birthday presents!)











Trying out her new summer hoodie








Group shot






Swimming before Shabbos






Saturday morning dance class!








Game with Zeyde and Daddy!














The kids were destroyed.  They ate too much and stayed out too late!




























Her first pony tail






Playing dress up with Sophie








Joey working on the green screen at school





Visiting Joey’s classroom







Visiting Benji at school

























Visiting the Cubs Trophy at Abby’s charity event








Group shot!





Checking out the progress on the new home…















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Benji & Noah’s 4th Birthday Party

We did a joint party for the boys at the local soccer venue.  They had a blast playing with all their friends!








The fruit kabobs were extremely time consuming (Thanks, Aunt Mich!) but so cute!















Thrilled to be the center of attention…













All of their school friends!





Chasing after bubbles….


















Look at that face!

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Hannukah 2016

We love this time of year!

Making Hannukah cookies






Learning how to spin the driedel






Trying latkes (but basically just eating apple sauce)








Decorating Hannukah Cookies








Lighting the candles






So lucky to share the holidays with great grandparents




















Matching PJs!






Dressing up “like Daddy.”








Hannukah Shabbat
















Enjoying some new toys….


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December 2016

Hard at work with Nanny











Visiting B at school

Daddy donut day!






Goldie had a 105 fever this month…. They tested her for just about everything but it was just a virus.  We got in lots of cuddles 🙂












Obsessed with her gift from Kasia

Working on sharing….

Shechter Hannukah Party

Hannukah PJs





New Years Eve!

We took the kids to Ron of Japan for dinner – they LOVED it (except the fire)!




























We had the genius idea to carry out Joe’s for dessert!

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Benji’s 4th Bday

Benji was psyched to turn 4 (because we mistakenly told him that he could stop napping once he did).
Grandma and Grandpa came in to celebrate a week early.  We went to Quartino for dinner (it was way too loud for GG so we ended up crashing Aunt Cari’s house for dessert).

Donut cake

img_7030 img_7037












Benji got a Viewmaster and ended up loving it so much he chose to bring it in to school for his “show and tell” day.

On the day of his birthday, Nanny and Poppy came over for a special french toast breakfast (the kids are on break).  After that, we headed to Northbrook Court for lunch with Great Grandma Poo Poo…







…and then visited Great Grandpa Morrie at his office. Joey had a great time playing, “which one is bigger?” and showing off his math skills…













The Suarai joined us for pizza and cupcakes









Birthday Shabbos









Getting Shabbos ready


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Northmoor Halloween Party

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November 2016

Sophie’s 4th Bday @ Kids Science Labs
img_0472 img_0485 img_0503 img_0530



















Bedtime cuddles


















At Bennett for a “View the Moon” event







Trying out the experiments from the goodie bagimg_6364

























All smiles

















Visiting the boys at school























Bears Game with Zeyde










Jewelry shopping with Bubbie









Celebrating our 7th Anniversary at GT Prime (it was excellent)








Goodman Pyramid



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Time with Nanny & Poppy

Sleepover at Nanny & Poppy’s









Dots with Dr. Markus








Superhero night at Midtown































Practicing their dots






While the kids slept out, we celebrated Jason’s 40th!







What a treat sleeping in the next morning with no kids to wake us up… thank you Nanny & Poppy!

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Thanksgiving 2016

Finally a Thanksgiving we were able to attend as planned (we’ve been sick the last 2/3 years).  We had Thanksgiving dinner at The Goodmans house (Carrie is such a good cook!) and then headed to the lake for dessert.







The boys had such a great time playing with their “boy cousins”















The kids loved exploring the lake in the Winter.















“Baby Goldie”









Changing Danny’s diaper for the first time (take a close look at my sweater….








Cari and baby Rocky









The girls lighting the Shabbos candles






We headed back early from the lake to celebrate Poppy again!


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Our Little Reader

Joey began showing an interest in reading a few months ago and his skills have exploded ever since!

One of my favorite moments…

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